Release Notes - eFormidling - Version IP 2.0.6 - HTML format


  • [MOVE-1519] - DPV/DPF AppReceipt: Missing conversationId mapping for websak workaround
  • [MOVE-1521] - Missing TTL-check for noark/putMessages
  • [MOVE-1523] - Error when sending status can result in message being downloaded from altinn multiple times
  • [MOVE-1526] - Exceptions bobler ikke opp til styrende tråd
  • [MOVE-1535] - Sender and receiver not switched for DPV/DPF-AppReceipts
  • [MOVE-1536] - MOVE-610 workaround no longer being applied to asic stream


  • [MOVE-1514] - Eget info-endepunkt i SR
  • [MOVE-1524] - Should not allow duplicate file entries in noark payload

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